Financial Services Protection Ltd.

"When the best people to watch your back are your competition"

Financial Services Protection Limited is a member-based, not-for-profit, industry association, for AFS licensees, which operates a database of clients who have defaulted with members generally through non-payment or non-delivery of securities.

The database is a useful tool to enhance a member's awareness of a client's defaulting history with other members. All members have the capability to add new defaulting clients and new information on defaulting clients as required.

FSPL Members can easily review the database in real time when opening a new client account or check all clients using the FSPL "batch search" facility at any time. Clients will often transact with more than one AFS licensee.

A number of members may submit the same name or address to the database. Some names have been nominated more than 10 times by different members. Sometimes this happens over a very short timeframe which may indicate the possibility of a scam or possible criminal activity.

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